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Windows XP Tips and Tricks

All of these windows xp tips, tricks and hints have come from my experience and collect from across the internet. We have not tried most of these tips yet, so let us know if some of these tips are don't work, have mistakes or error message.


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Rename a Series of Files 2256
Turn Off Autoplay for Program CDs 1992
Remove Icons for USB Devices from Notification Area 2069
Create a Password Reset Disk 4392
How to Roll Back to the Previous Version of a Driver 2064
Clear System Restore Points for Performance 2019
Create Your Own Restore Points 4325
Compress Files and Folders in Windows XP 2574
Restore Declined Windows Update Reminders 2097
Install the Recovery Console on Your Computer 2273
Stop Getting Tricked into Running Viruses 2123
Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders 2311
Remove Record of Recently Used Documents 2280
Show Encrypted Files in Color 2104
Add a Voice Message to an E-Mail Message 6232
How to Renew and Release IP Addresses 4474
Use a Shortcut to Local Area Network Connection Information 2899
Use the Address Bar to Launch Programs or Web Pages 4630
How to Change the Picture on the Welcome Screen 3236
The Function of Windows Logo Key 2557
Manually Put Your Computer into Hibernation 3066
The Fax Tips on Windows XP 2251
Add a Map Drive Button to the Toolbar 4426
Remove Interference in Movie Files 2144
Use Ctrl+Alt+Del Without Pushing All the Buttons 3073
How to Activate and Use the On-Screen Keyboard on Windows XP 3832
Use the ultimate configuration tool (Professional Edition only) 2211
How to Automate Advanced Restart Options for Dual-Boot Configurations 1933
How to Turn on ClearType Font-Rendering Technology 2153
How to Receive Windows Messenger Messages and Alerts on Your Mobile Device 3286
How to Enable Internet Connection Sharing on a Home or Small Office Network Connection in Windows XP 2679
How to Change the Default Icons for Folders in Windows XP 2215
How to Change Column Settings in Windows Explorer 2587
How to Set Accessibility Features for People Who Are Blind or Who Have Low Vision in Windows XP 2505
How to Set Performance Options in Windows XP 2694
How to Customize ClearType to Enhance LCD Display 4765
Use ClearType to Enhance Screen Fonts in Windows XP 3078
How to Quickly Lock Your Computer and Use Other Windows Logo Shortcut Keys 2463
Automatically Log On a User Account in Windows XP 2676
Restore Icons That Have Been Removed from the Desktop in Windows XP 2122
How to Rename Multiple Files with Windows Explorer 2115
Restore the Operating System to a Previous State in Windows XP 2184
Cannot Use MSN EXPLORER or AOL To Send a Remote Assistance Invitation via Email Option 2570
Obtain Remote Assistance Using Windows Messenger in Windows XP 1888
Obtain Remote Assistance by Sending an E-mail Message in Windows XP 2222
Use Backup to Restore Files and Folders on Your Computer in Windows XP 1924
Use Backup to Back Up Files and Folders on Your Computer in Windows XP 1753
Move the Paging File in Windows XP 2552
One-Click Shutdown on Windows XP 2156
Getting an Older Program to Run on Windows XP 2085
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