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We make this survey to help us improve the website and also let us know what's info, repair tips, service manual and etc you need.  For example, you say i currently need the inverter ic spec or how to check it or i want the Dell Latitude Notebook Service Manual please upload this kind of manual & etc. Your opinion, suggestion and comment are welcome! Please use the Comment program to type what's you want. Thanks!



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1. 07-06-2008 14:07
Gateway FPD1530 LCD Monitor Problem
Hi Zabor, 
Actually your lcd monitor problem are because of the inverter or ccfl lamp problem. But, from my experience, that's are because of inverter problem. For example, bad point of inverter board, bulk capacitor, push pull transistor on the inverter board or etc. Hope this will help you. If you need learn more on how to repair lcd monitor, this will help you a lot -> www.fastrepairguide.com/recommend/lcd-monitor-repair/
2. 07-06-2008 12:14
Gateway FPD1530
I need help with Gateway FPD1530 famous "No back light" problem. Powers up for a second, and goes out. You can still see dim image. 
Does anybody know the couse? 
Thank you.
3. 13-02-2008 20:07
Need help on serv. manuals
I'd like to have service manuals/schematics for these color monitors: 
Viewsonic E640N (probably same as Funai FCM1448GA) and Likom L4031ND. The E640N has analog controls while the Likom is already digital and auto-scanning. 
The Likom has power problems while the Viewsonic has very bright picture with visible retrace lines.  
Thanks in advance.
Glorito Balista Jr.
4. 19-12-2007 04:31
Need help on serv. manuals
my cpu didnt get any power connection means when i am pluging the cpu in switch board it is not showing any type response. i tried to open the smps but that fan is running when i am outing that one from cpu but inside cpu that is not geeting any connection. what should i do now? smps has damaged or some big problem has caused?
5. 09-10-2007 19:52
display trouble
I have Samtron 4Bi monitor. when i start my PC get there is a display for 10 min and then the monitor just blinks continously. I have changed the EST, the Base. 
please help

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