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How to Repair Canon iP1000 Waste Ink Full Error E-mail


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Printer stop working? Becasue of waste ink full error? Here, you have a good tips to show you how to clear this error code fastly!





Today i received a printer from my customer. This printer is Canon PIXMA iP1000 with symptom can't print. Now, i power on the printer and i can see the printer LED light blinking, from green to orange color. Where the orange color light are blink eight times, like this, green, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange then green again. This is error light are mean the printer "Waste Ink Full"! So they stop to working and need you to replace the absorber or ink pad.


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After you change the ink pad, you need to clear the waste ink error code to let your printer working. So you have two solution, first, you can manually to clear the buffer or eeprom (clear waste ink full error) inside the printer. Another solution is to use the Canon iP1000 Printer service tool to clear this error.

But i preferred to use the service tool program to clear the error. Because after i try the manually use the button to clear this error code, that will come again on next time you power on the printer!

How to use this service tool? Ok, i will let you know how i did it. After you connect the printer correctly, open the canon iP1000 Clear Waste Ink Full service tool program, power on the printer & the light still blinking. Now, you press once time the "RESUME" or loading paper button on the printer, the led light will change to green color. Go to the service tool program, select the "CLEANING" and "EEPROM CLEAR" box, and press the "TEST PATTERN 1", the screen will ask you need to clear the eeprom, you select "yes" or "ok". Then the printer will running by itself to make cleaning and the waste ink full error light are gone!


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May be you're urgently need to use the printer, you also can use the above method to clear this error code and continue use the printer. But, after few day or depend your usage, you need to change this ink pad or absorber inside printer. If not, your printer waste ink will come out from your printer!



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1. 11-01-2012 20:49
thank you for sharing
2. 18-08-2011 17:57
How can i repair my printer canon ip1000 the print head can't touch the paper, the paper comes out blank. i have changed the ink tanks.
Calvin Dlamini
3. 25-01-2011 00:05
still down
after running printer service tool, as desribed above, still my ip1000 encountering trouble...this time it turns off after resume button was pressed...pls. help....
Julius Cruz
4. 23-03-2010 20:19
Printer service tool solve my problem
Hi! I solve my problem of assembly of my printer. :zzz
5. 18-03-2010 03:34
Printer service tool solve my problem
I need help for assembly of my printer IP1000. I have dismantle two parts under printing head and cant put them together again. Thanks!

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