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Nowadays the computer printer was more using the inkjet printer and laser jet printer. Because of they are fastest speed to print out the content to compare with the dot matrix printer. So the price for those printer inkjet and laserjet were become lower. But compare with the dot matrix printer, their printer price still maintain there and some model price have been increase too. That was because of the material using inside the dot matrix printer were metals, motor, metal mechanism & etc...



Do you know, still a lot of company or factory everyday using the dot matrix printer to print out their account, reports, invoice, bill & etc. Because of dot matrix printer has superiority on printing the 2 ply or above ply paper, so the company and factory even government they must want to use it.


If the dot matrix printer using remanufacture or compatible ribbon, it will cause the print head pin broken easily. Or that dot matrix printer is heavily printing every day, then it can cause the printer head pins broken or damage too.


Actually the printer head was one of the common part damage on the printer. Beside the above situation can cause the print head damage, another common fault was cause by the people using it in incorrect way. For example, if they want to print 3 ply papers, then they set the print head gap for using the 1 ply paper setting. This will cause the print head pins broken easily and damage the ribbon too.


So a lot of companies want to “repair” the print head then change a new one. Because of the cost for print head quite expensive. The dot matrix print head will cost about 30% of that printer price. Some printer head will nearly 50% of that printer price too! So for those company or factory they heavily printing the document using dot matrix printer will always are facing the higher cost of change new print head.


The good news has come! My friend Mr William Hor has been launching his new ebook call “Printhead Repair Guide ”. You can learn all the method on how to repair the dot matrix printer head with step by step instruction. And it is so simple and easily to follow! It is a niche market and high profitable!! Please click the photo below to visit the website:



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