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One of the Fantastic Testing Electronic Component Ebook E-mail




Today, i want to let you know about this great ebook. Because, you can't find this type of repair electronic ebook or book else where! This ebook are suitable for who are need to testing electronic components, like repairer or hobbyist for monitor, printer, tv, radio, power board, and etc. All device are need to testing electronic component you want this!


Do you know,

1) How to testing resistor and capacitor? Yes

2) How to testing transistor? Yes (but sometime not sure)

3) How to testing FET transistor? Not very sure

4) How to testing SCR transistor? Don't know

5) How to testing TRIAC? Sorry, totally no idea!

and much more!! 




Testing Electronic Components Like a Pro
I have reviewed Jestine Yong latest Ebook and found to be very good all the information and pictures given to easily make you a professional in testing electronic components!

Not only that! The bonus he given are also interesting to us. Because, some of the bonus like, how to repair intermittent problem on electronic circuits,  help me solved a monitor problem with "beyond repair". Other bonus like - How to check electronic components that breakdown under load, this bonus quite useful to me too. So i highly recommended this ebook for you. More info, please click picture below:

testing electronic component.jpg

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1. 28-04-2008 02:48
Thanks for your good tips
Hi Zulfiqar, 
Thank you for your good tips! Keep up the good work and you're welcome!
2. 28-04-2008 01:37
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3. 09-02-2008 18:58
How to buy this ebook
Hi Farzam :), i had bought this ebook already, that's a great ebook. Currently, you can use, visa, mastercard, American and Paypal to pay the money. If you can't use the above service then you can also use Western Union and MoneyBrooker.
4. 09-02-2008 18:33
Hello, I am living in Afghanistan, could please tell me how could I get this book (Testing Electronic Componnets) I really love to learn and would like to be a proffesional repairer. Manyt thanks
5. 08-11-2007 21:22
what i want is here! one of the value eb
i find a lot of website regarding the how to test electronic component accurately. then i found this ebook, buy it and read it. this is the best investment for me on electronic repair information!

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