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How to repair power supply? E-mail

One of my friend, Mr Jestine Yong has been launch his new ebook, and the title is: Switch Mode Power Supply Repair Guide or SMPS Repair Guide.




If you're in electronic repair field, i highly recommend you read this repair guide. Why? Please read more details below:




Yes, i had read finish this ebook and i also send my review to Mr Jestine Yong too. Below is my review to Jestine:


Hi Jestine,

Even though I had repaired many electronic devices (over  10 years of experience), after i read this eBook, I can say that there are still more details about SMPS power supply that I did not know. This kind of information can’t be learnt from college or internet too. I got some very good tips from this eBook to improve my skills in electronic repair. One of the simple and powerful tips was how to know if an equivalent part number can be used or not. From my experience, power supply contributed about 70% fault in electronic equipment. I will highly recommend this useful and helpful SMPS repair eBook to my repair friends and members too. With this eBook, it can help them to improve the skills on troubleshooting and repairing SMPS power supply like a Pro!

Kent Liew


 Honestly, even i had many years on the electronic repair field, i think i know more about how to repair the appliance power section problem. But after i read this ebook, i feel i'm just on the intermediate only. Because i had learn a lot more about switch mode power supply(smps) repair from this ebook. Jestine has been revealing all the amazing technique on how to repair and troubleshooting smps! I will let you know, after you learn from this ebook, you will save your own a lot of time to try and error. And you're quickly to upgrade your electronic repair skills to the next level! 


Not only that, when you read this ebook, you will enjoyable and feeling wonderfully. Because this ebook are using simple and easy to read words, also provide a full of picture to let you know how to do that and easily guide you the right way. Still confuse, ok never mine, please check the questions below:

1) Do you know how the smps circuits works?

2) Do you know, what components and their functions on the smps power supply?

3) Do you know, how to repair power supply no power?

4) How to repair power supply low output voltage problem?

5) How to repair the power supply high output problem?

6) How to repair power supply cycling/blinking/pulsating symptom?

7) How to repair & troubleshooting power auto shuts down?

8) How to repair & troubleshooting intermittent power problem?

9) How to find the right equivalent components in smps circuits?

10) Do you know electronic components found in SMPS and their possible causes?

11) How to use oscilloscope to test SMPS circuit waveforms?

12) Do you know, when the equipment or appliance you repaired can last long or not? Or the equipment you use equivalent components to replaced can working properly or not? (This is one of my favourite tips on this ebook and another five method to troubleshoot & repair SMPS)

13) and much much more!


How many questions do you know the answer? If you only know a little or several above questions, Click here to visit the website now!


What other reader was talking about this smps repair ebook? 


Hello Jestine,

   Wow!! That book was amazing!! I learned so much about SMPS repair I can't even believe it. I am really excited. I thought I knew a lot already, but now I am completely confident I can repair any SMPS. The way you laid the book out was great, just absolutely packed with great info. Kudos friend.




Dear Jestine,

today i  recieved your new ebook thank you so much for all your effort you have done for this previous book. this book need time to read and understand all times and articles but anyway as long as i read your book is want to say is amazing for me, there is no any book like this for this subject in the world! i wish for you best luck in your path.

best rgrds



May i know, what are you waiting for? Click here to visit now!


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1. 20-06-2011 01:02
please send me plasma TV repair
ahmed amine

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