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If you're LCD Tv repairer or your broken TV was an LCD TV, then it is a good news for you. I had launch a new ebook call " Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips "! With this guide, you can solve your LCD TV problem or symptom fast and easily. For more details about this ebook please read the sentence below:


The ebook is about 90 pages + 9 pages of Bonus repair information. It covers 27 brands and different models of LCD TV. The symptoms or problems of LCD TV included:

No Power, Dead

No Display with blue or green colour LED light lit

No Display with red or orange colour LED light lit

No Startup or Slow start-up, Stuck in Standby Mode

No Display with the Power LED light flashing

Display Shutdown after 2 seconds or randomly

Display Distortion, Double Image, Display Tearing

Negative Picture on Screen

Solarisation Image

Hum, Buzz or Hissing Noise inside the LCD TV

Sound / Audio Problem

Erratic Functions or Intermittent Problem

Display Darkness, Backlight Failure or Inverter Problem

Display Colour Problem

White Screen

Horizontal or Vertical Lines & Bar in the screen

Remote Control No Functions

Login Service Mode

Solve LCD TV Under Protection Mode

& so on………


In the last section it has the "Fast Search Fault Index". This means you can use the reference in the "Fast Search Fault Index" to help you to find the solution in your type of LCD TV fault.  For example, if the Samsung LCD TV that you are repairing have one vertical bar in the display and you can't solve it, you can always refer to other LCD brand to see the solution. If the solution is to replace a component in T-CON board then you get the idea and you then can apply to your faulty Samsung LCD TV.

The best thing about this ebook is that it comes with the support from the owner. For more information you can click to visit website of "Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips ".



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