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Best Collection of Electronic Repair Articles E-mail


 My fellow friend, Mr Jestine Yong has been release his fifth ebook call "My Best Collection of Electronic Repair Articles".This excellent ebook are covered 24 selected electronics repair articles for electronic repair beginner or seasoned repairer to learn and these information cannot be found anywhere else!



Here are the topics that I have covered in the Ebook

1. The Importance on How To Diagnose A Problem In Electronics Circuits

2. Using Comparison Method To Solve Electronics Problems

3. Understanding CRT Monitor Flyback Transformer Internal Capacitor

4. Electronics Troubleshooting Techniques That Are Yet To  Be Discovered

5. How To Modify CRT Monitor Screen (G2) Voltage

6. 10 Mistakes That Every Electronics Repairer Should Avoid

7. How To Repair No Power Problem In Computer Subwoofer Speaker System

8. Be Alert Of Surrounding Components In Electronics Circuits

9. How To Effectively Analyze Any Type Of Electronic Equipment And Be An Expert On That Field

10. 7 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful In The Electronic Repair Field

11. How To Make Full Use Of Your Blue ESR Meter

12. How To Save Some Money By Salvaging Electronics Parts From Junk Electronics Boards

13. 7 Majors Electronics Repairing Business Mistakes To  Avoid

14. How To Make Your Own Monitor Blur Buster From Junk CRT Monitor Flyback Transformer

15. How To Completely Check The High Voltage Circuit In CRT Monitor/Television

16. Troubleshooting The Microcontroller Circuits In Electronic Equipment

17. Troubleshooting And Repairing Mainboard

18. Understanding The High Voltage And X-Ray Protection Circuit In CRT Monitor/ Television

19. How To Perform A Simple Voltage Test On Circuit Board

20. How To Locate Some Good Testing Points In Electronic Circuits

21. Understanding Transistor Function In Electronic Circuits

22. How To Completely Tackle Intermittent Faults In Electronic Circuits

23. How To Create Your Own Flowchart For Troubleshooting And Repairing Purposes

24. The Important Of Feedback in Electronic Circuit

I have compiled these articles to help shortcut your learning curve and save you the years of frustration and confusion that I had gone through while figuring out how to successfully repair electronic problems. This is exactly what I am going to teach you. What is the best part?  Most of these repair techniques are quite easy to follow and understand. Click Here to learn more now!


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