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Who Makes Plasma Tv Panels? E-mail
Do you know, WHO makes the most Plasma Television Panels
on the world?



NEC - brand monitors are made completely by NEC. NEC has its own plasma screen glass factory and uses its own processing boards and chips.

Panasonic - Owns own glass factory as well as engineering its own internal components.

Fujitsu - Owns 50% of a plasma screen glass factory with Hitachi in Kyushu, Japan. Though Fujitsu buys some of the internal components (chipsets), produces most of the internal component boards.

Pioneer - Owns its own plasma screen glass plant and produces most all boards and chips internalized in the plasma monitor.

LGE-  Owns its own plasma screen glass plant and panel assembly facility with it’s own R & D to design and produce all the components to make their panels.

Sony - Makes their own boards and chips but uses Fujitsu/ Hitachi plasma screen glass.

Hitachi - Owns 50% of plasma screen factory with Fujitsu. Makes own internal components.

Philips - Uses Fujitsu/ Hitachi glass screen and most internal components as well. However, Philips makes its own bezel with built in speakers.

ZENITH-  LGE, who is Zenith’s parent company, makes all their panels.


RCA/ Thompson - Partners with NEC to OEM its product. Though the bezel is different the internal components and screen and thus the picture are the same.

Toshiba - Coming soon with 50" option which is OEM from Panasonic.

Sharp - OEM product through Pioneer for 50" though they may make some internal component changes.

Runco - OEM 61” from NEC, 50" from Pioneer and 42" from NEC, though they may make some modifications.

Marantz - OEM 42" plasma monitor from NEC.

Viewsonic - OEM 50" plasma screen from Pioneer. 42" is more than likely Hitachi.


This list is as close as i can get, there could be changes at anytime without notice. So, you need to keep coming back to get the lastest info.

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