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How to Repair Dell E151FP LCD Monitor with No Power Symptom E-mail

dell_e151fp_lcd_monitor.jpgA year ago, I received many Dell E151FP LCD Monitor sent to me for repair by my customers. After many of them came across my repair bench, I now know of a way to repair this LCD Monitor fast. I still could recalled when first time I repair this LCD Monitor, it took me almost one and a half hour to complete the repair job, but now I could repair it in the shortest time (about 10 to 15 minutes) and I’m willing to share my repair secrets to you so that you too could have the success in repairing this E151FP LCD Monitor.


The dell e151fp LCD monitor was actually a Acer board (OEM), the chassis model is FP553. The common faults of the dell e151fp LCD monitor were no power and power cut off problem. The components that I usually replaced on this Dell e151fp LCD monitor were:

1. F601: 2A Fuse

2. R615= 0.68ohm 1watt Resistor

3. C605= 68uf 400v (need to replace, because one of the capacitor lead got rusted)

4. Q601= SSS6N60A (FET)

5. R613= 1Kohm 1/8watt (value changed to 2.3Kohm)

6. R623= 4.7ohm 1/8watt (value changed to 7.2ohm)

7. D604= 1N4148 (Diode)

8. IC601=UC3842B (Power IC)

9. C707 & C703= 1000uF 16V (must replace, because of bad ESR in secondary filter capacitors)

Another problem that the dell e151fp LCD monitor has was dim display. This symptom was usually caused by a defective inverter board. In order to solve this problem, you just need to resolder the inverter board because it has lots of dry joints.

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1. 03-01-2008 09:40
Dell e151fp backlight burned out?
my monitor has been working fine, until today when I noticed that it smelled hot so I turned it off. Now when I turn it on I can BARELY see windows loading up and my desktop and all that, I tried to adjust the brightness but nothing seems to work. After researching it on the internet I am assuming the backlight is burned out, how do I fix that?
2. 11-12-2007 21:38
i solved my problem.(.68 goes high) thank you very much for sharing secrets. thanks again. bye
Samitha Dodangoda

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