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How to Login to LCD Monitor Factory Service Mode E-mail
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How to Login to LCD Monitor Factory Service Mode
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Secrets Revealed of  How to Login to LCD Monitor Factory Service Mode

*Attention: Before you need to change any value on the factory service mode, please write down the original value first. We urge everybody when uses the factory service mode, you have to be prudent, in front of you not clear some function on the factory service mode, better you should not have make any changes on it. We not responsibility any lose or damage after using these method on your lcd monitor.




1)      What is the Monitor Factory Service Mode?

             When monitor manufacturer they design electronic circuits, some functions

             for control the monitor will reserves for them. These functions certainly not

             to opening for consumer. You need enters through the special way, carries

             on the maintenance through the revision memory data or other ways to

             the monitor.



2)      What can the Monitor Factory Service Mode all make?

             Because the different monitor manufacturer also slightly has the difference

             to some functions definitions, for instance some not commonly used like

             set distortion, the linear distortion, the convergence, purity of color, G2 

             voltage and so on. When the monitor has some software breakdowns time,

             may using support from factory service mode and no need to repair the

             electronic component to solve the problem. Here said the software

             breakdown, is refers to the monitor brightness problem, the purity of color,

             convergence, set distortion, linear distortion, display position, display sizes

             and so on. If user's monitor has not display, display vibration or shaking,

             either is the breakdown which causes by the circuit component,  that was

             the factory service mode cannot solve.



3)      What consequence if not suitably operates the monitor factory

       service mode?

       Because in the different manufacturer, the factory service mode sets the

       function is different. Some monitor factory service mode only are ordinary

       function to be a little more, even adjustment service mode not properly,

       they only affects the demonstration effect. But has part of the monitor

       manufacturer their factory service mode functions to be quite a lot, if

       carelessly misoperations then you will possibility to have the very

       tremendous influence to the monitor. For example, you will affect the

       monitor working unnormal. Therefore we urge everybody when uses the

       factory service mode must be prudent and before you need to change their

       value, you must write down the original value. If you not so sure that function,

       should better not have change their value. We do not responsibility on any

             damage or lose because using the method we provide. 



      4)  The benefit using Factory Service Mode on LCD Monitor are:

           a) You can check the accumulation time or how long this lcd monitor are use.

               This will benefit who wants to buy the second hand or refurbish lcd monitor.

               The less time that lcd monitor use, then is better. Because this can confirm

               that lcd monitor can use lasting.

           b) You also can check the lcd monitor manufacturer date. This will let you know

               when you buy a new lcd monitor, you can check their manufacturer date to

               confirm is it the new version/model.

           c) The lcd panel model number also can check on factory service mode. Easily

               for who you’re repair the lcd monitor and need to change the lcd panel/screen.

               After you know the panel model number you can direct order this panel and no

               need to disassembly the lcd monitor to get this number. 


5)    Who are repair monitor they have some experience on: after we use

      programmer to reprogram the monitor eeprom ic, the monitor get display now,

      but the quality of display you will be unsatisfied. May be the color are not balance,

      position and the size of display are out of normal range. Now, you can enters or

      login to monitor factory service mode to adjust it until you satisfied.



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