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How to Login CRT Monitor Factory Service Mode E-mail
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The secret revealed of - How to login to Crt Monitor Factory Service Mode Menu 
The Method of Login Viewsonic G73FM CRT Monitor Factory Service Mode
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press and hold  button.JPG

1) Before on the monitor, please press & hold the [1] and [2] button, and press the power button. After 5 sec, release all the button, then press [1] button to login to osd menu and you will see the manufacturer factory service mode to adjust the setting you need.
Viewsonic monitor osd menu.JPG
Normal OSD Menu 
Viewsonic monitor factory service mode.JPG
After Login to Factory Service Mode Menu 
  If you need more on the Crt monitor service mode login method, please write the comment below to me. Just click the "comment this article", then you can fast writing your comment to me. I will read all comment, but i'm reply all the comment. After that, I will add a lot of this information for you. Thanks and happy reading!

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1. 03-11-2009 23:05
not working lg 563
please help me , as I can't login to service mode in my lg studioworks 15" 563n crt monitor. only when Pressing 'menu' and next left button 'etting the service mode menu.
2. 28-03-2009 20:10
thank u friend thanku
:) if u have some secret eny cords pls email mee..im eranga from srilanka..that oni is very help full to mee..im a student ....etecnics@yahoo.com
3. 28-08-2008 05:11
Can you please tell me the login code fo
Hi.. I am a wedding photographer and purchased Samsung SyncMaster 997DF for editing. However, the monitor brightness is too high, even if I set to 0 its still foggy.  
Can you please tell me the service mode key combination for my monitor? I tried all possible stuff, all I could get displayed is some information popup which said Version: M-LEIST79-1006 and another number 5188. 
Please... else my money is wasted. My email is aj.mailto@gmail.com 
Thanks and love, 
Alina John
4. 21-11-2007 08:58
that's very usefull..Great
that's trick really cool and very helpfull for me. 
but I really need how to login on LG TG7701G, my monitor really dark and I can't find adj on board just focus. 
Help me please and Thank's Alot 

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